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Month: October 2016

Why You Need to Keep a Co-Parenting Journal

Oct 21, 2016
Parenting is no easy task, and co-parenting is even more difficult. You and your child’s other parent didn’t see eye-to-eye in the past, so it’s safe to say there will...

Drone Accidents and Personal Injuries

Oct 10, 2016
A drone, or Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, (UAV), is often in the news for its military use in far-away countries. It is controlled remotely, and can be used in areas where...

Which Process Is Best for You: Uncontested Divorce or Mediation?

Oct 5, 2016
Divorce is ranked as the fourth most stressful life event according to The American Institute of Stress. The only life event that ranks higher is the death of a spouse. This...