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Month: September 2017

Georgia is a Comparative Fault State: What Does That Mean?

Sep 30, 2017
Earlier this year in Columbia County, Georgia, an intoxicated woman with a blood alcohol level (BAC) of 0.451, more than five times the legal limit of 0.08, turned left into a gas...

What is a Deposition?

Sep 22, 2017
If you are a party to a lawsuit, you have heard your attorney talk about taking the deposition of the opposing party, an eyewitness or expert witness. You have also...

Gross Negligence and the Gym

Sep 19, 2017
Every year, thousands of people are injured while working out at their gym or taking exercise classes at the health club. Accidents may occur due to poorly maintained equipment, wet floors,...

Bus Stops & Dog Bites

Sep 1, 2017
With students heading back to school, parents have a lot to be concerned about. What will the new teachers be like? Will their student like school and strive to get...